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About Articular

We have imported and marketed products used in orthopaedics and
traumatology to healthcare professionals since 1985. From the time
the company was founded, we have always selected the products we
represent from suppliers who invest in product development, research
and training. This enables us to offer our customers the best and
most innovative products and product families on the market for use in increasingly
demanding procedures.

We are also actively committed to familiarising specialised healthcare
professionals with our products, and offering high-quality training packages at
our suppliers’ laboratories abroad. Through the products we represent, we want to take part in development of healthcare and treatment methods to improve patients’ quality of life now and in the future.

We represent Arthrex products in Finland. You can familiarise yourself with Arthrex products and read more about their use in various procedures by clicking the Arthrex logo. You can also send us questions, a contact request or an order through our newly updated website.

We hope we can serve you through our website, as well!


Uusinta uutta käsi- ja jalkakirurgiaan!

Arthrex julkaisee kerran vuodessa uutiskirjeen käsi- ja jalkakirurgeille. Kirjeen artikkeleista löydät Anthrexin uusimmat tuotteet ja tekniikat.
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Arthrex Presents:
New Technology Update in Hand &Wrist Surgery - Winter 2017