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Social responsibility

Articular aims to further the potential of our society to reach goals required by law for a cleaner environment and responsible business practices. In addition to complying with environmental rules and regulations, we want to observe the environmental principles we have set for ourselves in all our business operations.

The goal of Articular’s environmental programme is to save energy, reduce waste and favour the use of environmentally friendly products and services. In selecting our business partners, we consider the company’s operating methods particularly with regard to environmental matters and corporate responsibility.

We want to promote socially responsible companies and to support people and communities where not everyone has the same opportunities we do for living, learning and helping family and friends. The products we represent bringhope for a better everyday life to patients suffering from many different types of pain. Long-term development of these products also furthers development of healthcare overall, and enhances patients’ quality of life. Articular’s business operations are based on the concept that a company can succeed over the long term only if it operates responsibly and in an ethically sustainable way.

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Arthrex julkaisee kerran vuodessa uutiskirjeen käsi- ja jalkakirurgeille. Kirjeen artikkeleista löydät Anthrexin uusimmat tuotteet ja tekniikat.
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