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Welcome to Arthrex. Arthrex is a worldwide manufacturer of medical equipment and a leader in the orthopaedic field in new product development and medical training. Arthrex’s mission is to help surgeons provide the best possible care for their patients. It has been a pioneer in the field of arthroscopy and has developed more than 7,500 innovative products and procedures for minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery worldwide.

Arthrex’s growth and the demand for its products are continuing to increase at record levels around the world. Arthrex remains privately owned, and its family-business culture includes a commitment to provide top-quality products to healthcare professionals and through them to millions of patients.

Learn more about leading products developed by Arthrex as well as the company’s contributions to advanced medical achievements by clicking on the link to Arthrex’s website below.

Uusinta uutta käsi- ja jalkakirurgiaan!

Arthrex julkaisee kerran vuodessa uutiskirjeen käsi- ja jalkakirurgeille. Kirjeen artikkeleista löydät Anthrexin uusimmat tuotteet ja tekniikat.
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Arthrex Presents:
New Technology Update in Hand &Wrist Surgery - Winter 2017