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  • Knee Arthroscopy courses
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy courses
  • Hip Arthroscopy courses
  • Foot & Ankle combined courses
  • Hand & Wrist combined courses

Your regional representative will be happy to provide more information about courses. Representatives’ contact information can be found on the Contact Us page. Arthrex’s goal is to combine top-quality products, a comprehensive training programme and product support for orthopaedists as well as patients. When you select Arthrex, you can be sure the equipment is manufactured from high-quality materials that meet international requirements and are the outcome of extensive research and development. Arthrex products are used in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Uusinta uutta käsi- ja jalkakirurgiaan!

Arthrex julkaisee kerran vuodessa uutiskirjeen käsi- ja jalkakirurgeille. Kirjeen artikkeleista löydät Anthrexin uusimmat tuotteet ja tekniikat.
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Arthrex Presents:
New Technology Update in Hand &Wrist Surgery - Winter 2017